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Winterial Teepee 6-7 Person Tent

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DIMENSIONS 12' Exterior Diameter, 10' Interior Diameter and 8' Tall
PACK DIMENSIONS 23" x 9" x 9"
SLEEPS Six to Seven (6-7) People
MATERIAL Waterproof 210T Polyester

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There’s room for everyone! Measuring a big twelve feet across, the Winterial Teepee tent sleeps six comfortably, making it a great choice for family camping trips or weekends with friends. The classic center-pole design has a simple four-step setup process that takes just minutes and can be accomplished by one person if necessary. With an eight-foot tall center height, the teepee shape creates a feeling of space and provides a unique camping experience. Made of waterproof 210T polyester, your group will stay cozy and dry on rainy nights. Two zippered screen doors and four zippered screen windows provide excellent cross ventilation for warm evenings.


  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ Interior Diameter, 8’ Tall
  • PACK DIMENSIONS: 23” x 9” x 9”
  • WEIGHT: 15 Pounds
  • SLEEPS: Six to Seven (6-7) People
  • MATERIAL: Waterproof 210T Polyester
  • INCLUDES:Center Pole, Pole Cap & Stabilizer, 30 Ground Stakes, Rain Cap
  • VENTILATION: Two (2) zippered screen doors with zippered flaps, four (4) double-layer zippered windows with screens
  • STATIONARY WINDOWS: Four clear windows with shades

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the top rainfly removable and is there big netting beneath?

    No its not removable. There is no netting beneath. If the tent is set up correctly, there should be no need for a net.

  • Outs this tent capable of having a wood stove installed

    Yes, if you remove the rain fly the top is open. We recommend isolating the stove legs from the tent floor.

  • I have seen people post that you can fit 2 twin size air mattresses. Can you fit a queen air mattress? I am assuming this would be a "yes" as a queen mattress is 5' wide and the distance from center pole to the outside wall "should be" 6'. Can someone verify this? Thanks.

    Yes that would work. It may be tight against the side wall of the tent if you dont have the draw strings fully tight on the outside. 

  • I am looking at using this tent for a two kayak trip. I am guessing that the center pole is one of the larger items in the bag. If this is removed from the bag and placed inside our 2nd kayak then would the size of the bag "shrink"? Pack dimensions are shown as 23" x 9" x 9" but is this assuming that you can put it all back into the original bag after the first setup? I know I have had previous tents that unless you stand on your head and pack the tent with left hand only then it NEVER goes back into the original bag. Curious if this is at all a factor with this tent.

    This bag is oversized and can easily be packed after using the tent. If you removed the poles, you would need to do some creative folding to get the size smaller, it can be done though. The poles folded can easily fit in your second kayak. 

  • Any initial requirement/need to waterproof or seam seal or is this "rain safe" after the initial purchase?

    Nope, the seams are waterproof and rain safe as soon as you open the box!

  • How fast can you set the ten up? in less than 60 seconds or less than 2 minutes?

    Depending on how many people you have, you can set it up in minutes. You simply unfold the tent, lay it out and stake the perimeter. Once that is done, take the center pole place it in the middle of the tent to create the teepee effect. Last step is pulling the draw strings tight! 

  • How is this tent in the wind? We camp at a particularly windy "at night" location and has blow over standard 2 person tents.

    This tent will hold up well in the wind! Make sure to pull the draw strings that come off the tent tight to keep the tent in one place.

  • How does it hold up with stakes if setting up on a soft sandy area?

    There are 10 perimeter stakes that hold the base of the tent down and 10 draw strings that hold tension on the sides of the tents. These 20 stakes should keep your tent in just fine in the sand:)

  • How much does it weight without the center pole?


  • How does it do in the cold?

    This tent can withstand cold temps well! The vents, windows and doors can be comletely closed to trap heat inside the tent. 

  • Does the teepee tent have a vestibule ? An attachment to the front door of the tent where you are inside but can leave your wet clothing and dirty boots ? A zippered attachment to the front entrance large enough to stand up in... with a floor attached to the main tent. I hope I am making the concept !!!

    It does not have a vestibule as of now. We love the idea of adding something like that to our next years model. Great feedback!

  • Hi Folks! Thinking about it for raft trips. How much of an issue is condensation, and how big are the windows? If you have a good perspective with the windows all undone, I'd love to see it! Thanks!

    Condensation is not an issue according to past customer reviews. Windows are aprox. 20" x 20"

  • How well does this tent do in snow?

    This tent will do great in the snow. It has a bathtub floor which will protect from snow getting in from the bottom under the rainfly. It is also rated to 1500mm rainfly which will protect against snow up to 1500mm of saturation. 

  • How many air mattresses can fit along the sides and can you use a stove if you cutawy a space in the floor?

    You can fit about 6 single person mattresses around the edges. No we dont reccomend a stove in the tent! 

  • Can you zip the 4 windows from inside the tent? What is the material used to make the clear windows?

    Yes you can zip from the inside! The windows are made of a rubberized plastic.

  • Is it floor less

    No there is a bathtub tarpalin floor. 

  • On this 12x12 Teepee tent, how large is the doors, & how many are there?

    There is 1 main large door in the front that is 5' wide and 5'10" tall.

  • Does this tent have a floor?


  • Will your double self inflating sleeping pad fit in this tent?

    Yes it will!

  • Is this easy set up? And does it require 2people to set up?

    Yes its vey simple! You can do it by yourself. All that needs to be done is laying it out, stake it out and push the center pole up.

  • Is this 7 person tipi tent flame retardant?

    No this model is not!

  • how can you fix the bug problem at the top of tent

    Make sure that the tent is set up properly. Make sure the guy lines are tight so that the tent will seal to the top cap. 

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