Winterial Mammoth 25-Inch Snowshoes for Advanced Users



The Most Advanced Snowshoe for Advanced Users and Mountain Terrain!

Our Winterial team is comprised of outdoor adventurists that enjoy the same experiences you do. Since we understand the needs of other outdoor enthusiasts, we have designed the perfect snowshoes for you! Our Winterial snowshoes are expertly crafted to fit the needs of experts who are looking to adventure off the beaten path with our square toed mountain terrain snowshoes. The polymer frame and steel teeth treads help to keep you above the snow and maintain structural integrity. The incline heal is built in for advanced trekking, simply pop up the incline heel for more leverage while climbing. The heel strap will give you increased traction when climbing hills. This advanced snowshoe is a one of a kind, built for the mountains and built to last. Tackle the backcountry snow with ultimate grip and comfort in any snowshoeing condition! Benefits of these snowshoes:

  • 240 Lb Weight Limit
  • Dimensions: L x W (25 in x 8 in) 
  • Lightweight Polymer Frame
  • Integrated Popup Terrain Heal
  • Poles & Bag Sold Seperate

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