How does tent sizing work?

Tents are sized based off of how many standard adult sleeping bags can fit inside. Filled to max capacity, most tents are very tight inside. We recommend selecting a tent and adding gear storage when calculating if everything will fit. Example: If you are camping with 2 full size adults, we would recommend the 3 person tent to fit both campers and their gear.

What size sleeping pad will fit the best inside the tent?

Single person sleeping pads are always a good option for any tent. If your tent is large enough, the double sleeping pad great and will prevent the pads from separating throughout the night. If you are backpacking you will want a single person sleeping pad that is lightweight and portable.  

Are there tent footprints for Winterial tents?

Yes there are tent footprints that are built to fit the 2,3 and 4 person tents. 

What are the poles made of?

Poles for these tents are made of fiberglass or aluminum. For backpacking, you will find tents to have aluminum poles to bring down the weight while on the adventure! 

What are the tent floors made out of?

Our tent floors are made 150D oxford waterproof PU3000mm. This is a durable tarp like material that will not be penetrated by water. 

Is the rainfly waterproof?

Yes! Rainflys are used to deflect the rain and keep your tent dry. All Winterial tents have included or built in rainflys. 

Can these tents be free standing?

Yes our tents are freestanding. Although we recommend staking them into the ground, the poles will create a dome effect that is free standing. 

What is the warranty?

All winterial products are protected under a 30 day unused manufacturer warranty. You can also register your product here!

Sleeping Pads

How does the self inflation work? 

The self inflating sleeping pads are built with an inflating foam that is activated by air. There is 2 way valve that when open, will draw air in. Twisting the valve will close off the air and hold it inflated. 

What are good sleeping pads for backpacking? 

Backpacking is all about lightweight gear, so you will want to focus on ultralight gear. Insulated lightweight pads are great for packing and throwing in your pack. 

Do the pillows inflate separately? 

Yes. For any sleeping pad with built in pillows, these will not self inflate and will need to be inflated separately. 

Will it inflate by itself? 

Yes, any sleeping pad that is labeled as "self-inflating" will inflate by itself. 

How light is the ultralight sleeping pad? 

The ultralight sleeping pad weighs only 1.1lbs!


Will these goggles fog?

These goggles are built with anti-fog vents around the perimeter of the frame to provide continuous airflow. These are built as a double layered lens which provides a good buffer to avoid any fogging!  

Are these going to slide off the back of my helmet?

No these are built with a silicon lining on that inside of the strap to hold the goggles securely to the helmet. 

Can the lens's interchangeable?

Yes there are 2 models of Winterial goggles that have interchangeable lenses. Those are the NM2 and NM3 goggles by Winterial. If you are looking for a magnetic interchangeable lens system, the NM3's are the goggle for you! 

What is the VLT rating on these goggles?

For tinted lenses the Luminous Transmittance is (280nm-780nm) VLT: 29.77%. All of our goggles are 100% UV cutting so you won't have any bad glare and reflection from the snow. 

Are they scratch resistant? 

Like any goggle, if you crash hard enough they will scratch. But being built with a thick polyurethane these goggles will be tough to scratch. 

Are these goggles helmet compatible? 

Yes these goggles will fit most standard helmets.

Sleeping Bags

What is a mummy bag?

A mummy sleeping is a body like shaped sleeping bag, close fitting and hooded and very efficient in conserving body heat. Normally these have a hood that tightens to preserve heat around the head. 

Does the sleeping bag hood tighten around your head?

Yes the hoods tighten to conserve body heat and trap it inside the sleeping bag. 

What material is used for the liner and the shells of sleeping bags?

A majority of sleeping bags have 100% polyester liners with 100% polyester fill. The warmer sleeping bags are filled with goose down or a flannel inside liner. Down sleeping bags are normally rated for 0-20 degrees fahrenheit whereas polyester filled bags are 3 season bags rated for 30-50 degrees fahrenheit. 

What is a stuff sack?

A stuff sack is the bag that sleeping bags and mummy bags are packed in. These normally have straps to tighten and compress the bag for travel and transport. 

Are the zippers durable?

Yes the zippers used for Winterial bags are made with YKK zippers that are durable and built to last.

Camping Cookware

What are the pans made out of? 

In the Winterial camping cookware line, aluminum and cast iron are the 2 primary materials used to make these products. We build our backpacking cookware from aluminum to make it lightweight and portable while on your adventure! Our dutch ovens are built with cast iron for longecity and even disbursement of heat while cooking. 

Is it portable? 

Yes, the backpacking cookware compacts into itself so that it can be portable and stowed away in your backpack. 

Does it include a stove? 

None of the cookware include stoves. The 9 piece backpacking cookware set comes with an alcohol burner (cooking alcohol sold separately). This burner filled to the max level will burn for 2 hours and can be stowed away safely after use. 

How do I wash the pots and pans? 

Washing the pans can be done by simply submerging them in water with a small amount of soap. We designed these pots and pans to be easily washable while on your trip.  

Where is the best place to use my cast iron dutch oven? 

The best place to cook with your dutch oven is in the embers of the campfire. This will provide a steady heat that will cook your food faster than anywhere else in the fire.