Winterial Single Self Inflating Sleeping Pad



  • Inflated Dimensions: 72"L x 20"W x 2"H
  • Packed Dimensions: 22"L x 7"W
  • Material: Grid Polyester
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Sleep On Air!
The most rugged outdoorsman know that you can always set up camp in an ideal space. Winterial's Self Inflating Sleeping Pad will transform your camping experience. Most sleeping pad for camping need to be blown up with 10-15 breathes, this is self inflating and the ideal camping mat with its easy set up! There are many features that make this the a superior sleeping pad, here are the key features.


  • Strong and built to last. Rugged sleeping conditions are nothing for this sleeping mat. Lightweight at only 3lbs and compact for any camping or backpacking trip!
  • FITS most sleeping bags 22 inches x 71 inches
  • Quicker inflating and deflating, so when you're ready to hit the hay you don't have to wait. Inflates in minutes!
  • Damage resistance means this self inflating sleeping pad is really meant for the rugged outdoorsman. You won't have to baby this pad.
  • Compact and lightweight at 3 pounds, meaning you can add this to your backpack without being weighed down or held back.
  • Self inflating(no air pump required) uses self a self expanding foam core open the valve and the pad will expand. When you're ready to pack up open the valve and roll up, allows you to pack lightly and save room for needed items
  • The quality insulation will keep you warmer on cool nights.

Why This Sleeping Pad?
Backpackers have waited decades for an affordable, compact, lightweight, durable, self inflating sleeping pad. Winterial Lightweight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is changing the sport of backpacking. Tent camping no longer has to be accompanied by stiffness and soreness or characterized by restless nights of tossing and turning. Pick up your Winterial Lightweight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad today for a rugged but comfortable camping or backpacking experience.

If you can’t take an air mattress with you when you camp, take this sleeping pad! You won’t have to worry about rocks or uneven patches of ground. This sleeping pad will provide enough comfort for you to get a great night’s sleep wherever you go camping. And it self inflates! So you don’t even need to worry about air pumps or transporting other accessories.

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the max weight capacity?

     The max weight capacity is rated for 300lbs.

  • What is the R-Value?

    This sleeping pad has an R-value of 4.0.

  • What is the rolled up pack size of this pad?

    22"L x 7" diameter

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