Best Places to See The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

August 14, 2017

2017 Total Solar Eclipse, August 21!

You dont want to miss this!  On August 21, 2017 the moon will cross paths with the Sun blocking all light for a number of minutes. The last time his happened was in 1979. People all over America are stoked and here are the top places to watch the total eclipse from: 
            • Columbia, South Carolina. Time of eclipse: 2:43pm. 
            • Madras, Oregon. Time of eclipse: 10:19am. 
            • Nashville, Tennessee. Time of eclipse: 1:27pm.
            • Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Time of eclipse: 2.35pm.
            • Carbondale, Illinois. Time of eclipse: 1:20pm.
            • Casper, Wyoming. Time of eclipse: 11:42am.
            • Snake River Valley, Idaho. Time of eclipse: 11:33am.

National Geographic