Cooking Over A Campfire

April 19, 2017

How to Build a Fire - Cooking on a Campfire

Campfire Peach Cobbler - Cooking on a Campfire

Source: blog. Author: Alison Hudson.

How to Build a Fire
A fire needs three things: wood, air, and a spark.
Start by gathering all of the material you'll need for the fire at every stage of its life.

Tinder Small, medium, Matches (shredded birch bark and large sticks or a lighter or dry pine needles)* (pencil size, then thumb size, until wrist thick)..
Always find wood that is dead and down, meaning it's no still attached to a tree.
Create a base of your small sticks. There are three designs that work well for this:

•Stick a bundle of your flammable material into the center of the structure and light that en fire.
The flammable material will catch quickly and the free flowing air will help it grow hot enough to light the thin sticks.

As the fire gets stronger, If the fire is weak, either 4. it will be hot enough to Ignite • blow on the flames or use thicker sticks. Add these a flat item, like a camping on a little at a time. chair, to fan the flames.

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