The Ultimate Burning Man Tent!

July 18, 2017

Explore The Power of The Teepee.

Are you going to Burning Man this year? This is the ultimate festival tent and perfect to pack your friends in. The benefits of this tent are endless... but here are 3 reasons you should buy this tent for burning man: 

1. Pack 6 People In

Your crew can fit comfortably in this 12' wide by 8' tall mega tent. You'll have room for gear, food and other party essentials! 

2. Sealable Windows

As the dust whips across landscape, you will be safe and sound inside your teepee. The main entrance door will also zip closed to keep dust out of your tent. 

3. Sturdy In Wind

With 20 stakes and 10 draw strings, you can secure your tent in the high winds you will encounter at burning man.

Take 10% off your Teepee Tent with offer code: burningman10 and start your burning man prep! 

Order yours HERE!