The Weekend Warrior With: Araceli Alba

June 26, 2017

Meet Araceli Alba (, she has a true passion for the outdoors and participates in many different adventures. Her experience in the industry evolved from her work with as a gear specialist. Now you can find her camping and mountain biking in exotic landscapes. Winterial was lucky enough to grab her for a quick interview on her Glacier National Park trip, enjoy!


Winterial: So where was your trip to?

Araceli: “My trip was to glacier national park , Montana and Canadian side as well.”

Winterial: How long have you been camping for?

Araceli: “I've been camping for the last 8 years about, more since I started working at 7 years ago as an expert Gearhead.”

Winterial: What do you enjoy about camping?

Araceli: “I love so much about camping. I love being outside, the solitude when I do it alone, as well as the feeling of community when I do it in a group. I love finding the perfect spot, pouring a glass of wine to drink while I set up and then cooking a nice meal. On backpacking trips this is clearly a more basic meal due to weight, but still just as enjoyable due to the effort of hiking long distances with weight.”

Winterial: What is your favorite thing to bring to cook?

Araceli: “For car camping I love grabbing some managers special steak or fish from the store beforehand grilling over the fire. I also love easy make pasta dishes that you can just boil water and out together like pasta alfredo. I also always bring salami and cheese. Then dark chocolate for dessert.”

Winterial: Where is your favorite place to camp and why?

Araceli: “My favorite place here in Utah to camp is either in the high Uintas of down in the desert around the San Rafael Swell or Indian Creek where I go climb. Glacier national park is now definitely up on that list after this trip. It was so beautiful and ecologically diverse. I saw so much wildlife in Glacier, including being only ten feet away from two grizzly bears!”

Winterial: If you had one place to take your gear and camp where would it be and why?

Araceli: “One place that is really on my list now is Patagonia , Argentina. Where I would love to the Fitz Roy trail. I was born in Argentina and have snowboarded in Patagonia I have not camped there.”

Winterial: What was your favorite part of Glacier National Park?

Araceli: “My favorite part of Glacier was the wildlife diversity. I saw so much wildlife from grizzly bears to black bears to deer, bighorn sheep, elk, and bald eagles.”