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Winterial The Weekend Warrior: Connor Rickey

August 17, 2017

Connor is an enthusiast who lives and breathes adventure sports. His skill behind the lens helps him document his epic adventures! Check out his Youtube Channel Adventure Labs! For your chance to be featured on the Weekend Warrior, fill out your entry for HERE!

Check Out Connor's Adventure

Where was your trip to? 

Mt Shasta, CA.

How long was the adventure? 

Two days.

How often do you go camping? 

4 - 8 times a year. 

What is your favorite part of camping? 

The feeling of being disconnected from internet! It's always refreshing to enjoy some genuine time with friends and nature without the interruption of the internet.

What was the best meal cooked on the trip?

Peanut butter and honey toast! 

Where is your favorite place to camp and why?

I cant choose a favorite... But I love camping in Lake Tahoe, Mt. Lassen, Mt Shasta and Lake Almanor. 

What is your best piece of camping advice? 

Remember to pack your pillow! I always let that slip and end up resting my head on a sweatshirt.

Follow Connor on: 

Instagram: @connor_rickey
Youtube: Adventure Labs