Winterial Weekend Warrior: JV Francisco

December 11, 2017

Meet JV! A true adventurer exploring Lone Pine. Follow him in Instagram @juliusvladimirfrancisco to see where he is next! 

Where was your trip to? 

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine. 

How long was your adventure? 

2 days.

How often do you camp? 

10+ times a year!

What is your favorite part of camping? 

Using an entrenching tool and the rucksacking part.

What is the best meal cooked on the adventure? 

Raspberry Crumble by Mountain House

What is your favorite place to camp and why? 

Big Pine 1st and 5th Lake! Some of the most unreal water in the planet. Plus its 10,000ft above sea level. 

What is your best piece of camping advice? 

Carry a quality knife and firestarter kit.