Winterial The Weekend Warrior: Sarah Owens

September 06, 2017

Meet Sarah! She is a true adventurer at heart and loves to be in the outdoors. Her trip to Union Valley Reservoir was a good one, check it out!  

Sarah's Adventure!

Where was your trip to? 

Union Valley Reservoir 

How long was your adventure?

3 nights and 4 days. 

What is your favorite part of camping? 

Being away from the noice of the city and the night sky full of stars!

What was the best meal cooked while on your camp trip? 

Cast iron breakfast potatoes and of course s'mores! 

What is your favorite place to camp and why? 

Union Valley Reservoir because the close access sandy beach and tree covered campsites. There is also a waterfall near by if you're not afraid of a little hike.


What is your best piece of camping advice? 

Dont forget a broom or soap! Its no fun having a dirt filled tent or dirty hands the entire weekend!