Winterial The Weekend Warrior: Eli Libby

August 24, 2017

"The best camping trip is one that is far enough into the woods where you lose cell service"- Eli Libby. For your chance to be featured on the Weekend Warrior, fill out your entry for HERE!

Check Out Eli's Adventure

Where was your trip to? 

Union Valley Reservoir, CA

How long was the adventure? 

Two days.

How often do you go camping? 

4 - 8 times a year. 

What is your favorite part of camping? 

I love hanging sleeping under the stars and being out of cell service! But overall just being outside and not having everything that we are used to at home. Hikes, paddleboarding and campfires also top off the trip! 

What was the best meal cooked on the trip?

Burgers and roasted corn over the fire! 

Where is your favorite place to camp and why?

I love camping anywhere deep in the woods around a lake! Tahoe and anywhere in Truckee are great places to get out. 

What pieces of Winterial gear did you take on your trip?

The Winterial teepee tent was amazing on the trip! We also brought a Winterial double sleeping pad, double mummy bag and down camping blanket. 

What is your best piece of camping advice? 

Dont forget a hammer for the tent stakes. I have been left to many times to find a rock to smash them in with.